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What courses do we offer?

David and I are glad that you are considering taking this journey of language acquisition with us! We are confident that we can help you, and this is why. These are the different types of classes that we offer at the moment:

General English

General English courses are aimed at students who would like to improve their overall knowledge of English. These courses are designed to provide a sound foundation in grammar while also allowing time for its implementation in Speaking and Writing. Importance is given to the acquisition of new vocabulary and to practising the receptive skills, namely, Reading and Listening.

Some of the publications we make use of during our General English courses.


Conversation classes are ideal for students who already have a relatively good grasp on the language and would now like to focus on becoming more fluent in their interaction. This type of lesson aims to boost the students’ confidence by encouraging them to think less about making mistakes and more about putting what they know into practise while Speaking.

Business English

Business English courses are tailor-made for students who would like to apply their knowledge of English more specifically to their profession. This usually involves a basic revision of grammatical structures combined with a deeper focus on the vocabulary that is used within the student’s particular job sector. Normally, the skills that are most useful to the student’s role at the workplace are given priority.

IELTS & Cambridge Preparation Classes

Exam Preparation courses have one very specific objective: taking (and passing!) IELTS or a Cambridge exam.

Cambridge offers exams at every level from A1 to C2 and each exam involves structured tasks at varying levels of difficulty. IELTS, on the other hand, is one exam that allows the candidate to obtain a score on a range from 1 - 9 in each skill. The average score of the skills combined gives the overall result, which reflects the level of competence that the students has in the language.

In both cases, the student must first be confident with the language at the level being studied, and then, the focus turns more strictly onto exam technique. Passing such exams requires a certain amount of consistent engagement with the language and this is precisely what these classes aim to offer.

Whichever class you decide to follow with us, our years of experience will surely be put to good use in helping you achieve your success! You can get in touch with us via Instagram or email to discuss your learning needs and which course would be best for you.

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